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Archsoft Consultants provides a full range of professional   Architectural, Landscape Architectural and Site design services. From Schematic Design to Contract Administration, we strive to understand the client's needs and develop a project management approach tailored to the project and client. Some of the most important aspects of our project management stress the following:



Communication is of major importance during the design process. This vital ingredient is essential in building a consensus between the design team members toward a comprehensive and co-ordinated project solution. In addition, design alternatives must be effectively communicated to the client to establish a well reasoned basis for the decision process. Toward this final end, we employ many graphic simulation tools to assist in visualization of analysis and design concepts, including extensive computer graphic modeling, CAD drawing, and Internet communication.  To become involved on your projects, enter our web Projects section.  


Without effective review procedures, no design firm can consistently provide its clients with effective physical solutions. We recognize the need to review our work, and discuss project design alternatives with public, private and peer personnel. Our goal is an optimum project solution within the constraints of construction budget, program, and design fee.

We constantly strive to maintain internal review over design decisions involving material selections, and design features. Our past involvement in many Value Engineering studies have pointed out the importance of this cost optimization and program verification process for most projects. In addition, this review encourages a fresh and innovative expression of design alternatives, and the wide range of alternative material and design features available to designers.


In today's tight budget environments, projects must attempt to get the most impact for the allocated funds. We believe in professionally prepared cost estimates and analysis at each design stage of every project, to better inform the design team and client of all implications of program and design decisions. In addition, we have developed a very effective Estimate database program to facilitate accurate and timely cost estimating, with clear reports in both systems and trade/ material formats.


To control the construction quality and manage construction changes, we use the most up to date techniques, such as Email Submittals and Responses; Digital images with Architect's comments on site visits; maintaining spreadsheet logs for RFI's, and Change Orders; and video conferences with all parties.



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